Prayer mats are small rugs upon which Muslims pray their five daily prayers. Muslims use these mats so that their clothes do not get dirty especially if they are praying outside their homes. There are times when people are at places where there is nowhere to pray or you think the place is not clean enough, then these prayer mats are used because prayers are to prayed at clean places.

Benefits of praying mats

Prayer mats have multiple benefits. Some of these are as follows:

  1. Prayer mats are more comfortable than the floor even if you have carpets. Their wool keep you relax and focused while praying as you do not get hurt while praying. You can check the difference yourself by praying on floor and then praying on a prayer mat. You can pray with concentration and your mind would not wander around somewhere else because you will be at ease. Prayer mats basically lessen the diversions for you.
  2. Prayer mats are handy and you can keep them with yourself wherever you go in case you have to pray. You can never be too sure about the cleanliness of the floor if it is not your house, so you can use your prayer mats then. It reduces stress as you are already prepared for your prayers. Also, when you are praying on a prayer mat or rug, people will know and chances of them disturbing you will be less as they will know that they should not talk loudly near you or would come in front of your praying mat or rug.
  3. Some people even use prayer mats or rugs just for the decorations in their homes to beautify it.
  4. You can even gift prayer mats to family and friends because not only it will be a beautiful gift but also something that can be very beneficial for them. modest wear dubai are the best gifts anyone can receive or present to someone else.

Where should you keep praying mats or rugs?

Praying five times a day is obligatory and no excuse is accepted for not praying even if you are ill. Hence, you should keep a praying mat at your home so that you can pray comfortably and in your cars so if you are going someplace where you intend to stay longer then you should have your prayer mat with you so you do not miss your prayers. Also, keep a prayer mat at your workplace because you spend a large part of your day there.