All companies and the corporate world need employees all the time but not all people can be hired by them. All companies have different requirements, some want highly qualified professionals but some companies need young and amateurs. However, it is not easy for employers to pick the best people. Yet, there are tips which can help them to get employable people.

Well-written description: Initially, employers are required to prepare a description for their job positions. The description should have information about the nature of work, employee qualification, and what qualities you want in workers. The description should have information about your company and their progress so that you would get better applications. Besides, it is important how many experienced employees you are looking for. The descriptions should have information about the salary package and contract offers well. The descriptions can be given in papers or you can hand them to any of the best recruitment agencies in Dubai to get better applications. Besides, you can get assistance from the best manpower consultancy in Dubai for the hiring process.  

Resume: Initially, it is advised to employers to collect all resumes in one place. You can either make a separate email address where you can ask readers to send resumes or you can ask any of your employees to save them in one folder. Afterward, read all resumes and pick only those that have social and hard skills because you don’t need highly qualified employees, you need people who know how to work in a team, know value ethics and who are keen to play a valuable role in your company.

Interview: After picking a few resumes, call them for an interview. It is advised to interview people two times, one on a virtual platform and the other in the office. The virtual interview will help you to overview their personality. If their personality and answers please you, then call them for a physical interview. It is advised to ask tricky questions and give them some physical tasks in which you would involve other people as well to judge their hard and soft skills. The better you judge them, the better employees you will hire and see your company grow.

Probation letter: After interviewing people physically, hire a few of them whose performance and answers satisfy you. Initially, track them for fifteen days and see if they are suitable for your company and then give them a probation letter. Afterward, keep them in a team and assign them a team leader to track their performance carefully. If their performances meet the target then hand them a permanent job letter.