The current trend of experiential marketing emphasizes on winning over the target audience by involving them in an active experience of brand values. The traditional passive way of advertising through TV or print media has changed into creating a brand environment in a public place, involving active participation of potential customers. For example, winning a free gift from a brand’s counter by spinning the wheel.

Experiential marketing believes that the positive emotional feelings in association with a brand, through active participation, create brand loyalty in consumers.

Consequently, experiential marketing entails any advertisement that appeals to the emotions of a potential client; the marketing strategies blended with technology and trends to attract passersby and ultimately making them your customers.

Experiential marketing is strategically used with social networking tools like Twitter, Facebook etc. The users after experiencing your brand might share stories, blogs and vlogs about your product or services, hence marketing your brand.

Another trending experiential marketing tool is creating apps that people are constantly using where you may target audience to feel as if the ad is just created for their own personal needs. By using iPhone or android advertising apps, reach customers through their 24×7 connected accessories!

If you want your product to stay in market and in people’s minds for long, keep it alive through experiential marketing techniques. The technological advancement has allowed the sharing of individual data with marketing and branding companies where the apps are integrated on a common platform for example, the Facebook app targets customers’ desires and starts displaying the products they were searching about the day before.

Here the goal of experiential marketing is to create awareness about one’s product and service to the audience. These platforms are known to generate more feasible and reliable results through increased purchases, deep understanding of the brand, positive word of mouth and generating faster return on investment.

The execution of experiential marketing can be carried out through a wide range of activities, including exhibitions, road shows, ambient and in-store advertising, free product sampling and sponsorship.

If you’re looking to develop activities related to experiential marketing in Dubai, there are a number of experiential marketing agencies that can advise you on setting up live events, product sampling, road shows and ambient activities. Technological advancements are taking organizations on a new road to success where they are making wonders in every field with the collaboration of service providers like AR and VR suppliers to AI companies in Dubai.