There are a lot of people who are doing painting online courses and helping people in learning new ways to paint and in this way they will earn a good amount without going to any place. You can take part in these courses by enrollment or you can go to any school of arts Dubai if you want to learn a lot of different techniques and insights about painting but if you want to learn only as a hobby then there are many free resources which you can use through internet in the form of books. When you want to learn painting then you have to know about types of brushes and their care too and for that purpose you will find this article very useful so you have to give it a good read:

There are a lot of different kinds of brushes which are available for painting and they all have different functions and it you do not use them for the respected function then you will ruin your paining. You can take a complete kit of paint brushes instead of buying them separately to make sure that you will get all of them however you can also get them separately when you need new brush of the same kind that you already have.

There are different sizes as well which you can get and most of the times one shape of brush is available in three different sizes which are small, medium and large and you have to use them according to the need of them. Smaller brushes are for areas that are small and they will give a sharp look like when you need to create sharp lines or spikes then you have to use the small sized brushes instead of the larger ones but when you have to paint the background then you need to get the larger sized paint brush so that you can paint easily with less time consumption.

You have to learn about how to use different rushes and for that you need to see a few pictures or vide tutorials of famous painters or you can learn through online books and also you will learn with your mistakes so you have to pay attention to your mistakes and make sure that you will learn something new whenever you make a mistake.