There is so much of noise out there. There is noise on the road because of traffic, there is noise in the shops, there is noise in your house and there is noise even in your bathroom and you don’t seem to be getting even two minutes of silence. With Dubai audio visual companies illuminating your house with its tech it sometimes becomes so hard to find peace. Well, don’t worry as here we have got some useful tips to try out for a sound proof house:

  • Plug the leaks out

Imagine that sound waves are like water waves vibrating through the walls. What would you do in order to stop the water from leaking out? You would mend the leaks and make sure that the container is fully sealed. The same goes for sound. You will have to seal all the places from where the sound can leak into the room and this can be done with acoustic sealing which will be placed all around the door casing, switches and any potential sound leaking space.

  • Consider rugs and carpets

This is a common concept which you must have heard several times. Placing the carpets absorbs the noise in the room and this is why they are found at most libraries and such places where quietness is needed. Things absorb noise and this is why when a room is empty the sound would echo. Throw in some furniture or rugs and carpet to see the noise disappear.

  • Acoustic panels

As mentioned earlier, acoustic seal is the best way to stop the sounds leaking from one place to another. You can try a different form of it on your walls and see the sound buffer around a large room. These panels are often an important part of audio visual tech especially in loud music rooms where sound cannot pass off to any place.

  • Change the doors

This step could be a little hard for you but just so you know, hollow core doors are major factor that the sound is leaking out through rooms. If you can then you must consider changing the doors to a solid core for better results.

Try these tips and tell us if you find them useful enough. Life will always be loud – you will have to find the quiet moments to let the chaos sync in. Visit for further information in this regard.